Why inmation: our software at a glance

We are changing the world of industrial production – by liberating machine and asset data to the digital IT world. That’s inmation.

Boost your production

Manage data – as intelligently as possible

Our software establishes networks between technical components, decision makers and the respective end devices. It allows you to collect production and process data in one central location – and then distribute the relevant information to all decision makers. As a result, you can effectively optimize your company processes as well as your economic success.

Our software connects technical components, decision makers, and the respective end devices. It allows you to collect production and process data in one central location – and then expose the relevant information to all stake holders. As a result, you can effectively optimize your company's processes, as well as your economic success.



The heart of our software is an engine processing all data in the background and executing the necessary consolidation into data-driven information. All operational components and IT systems can be connected, across your entire geographic and enterprise network infrastructure.



Get everything at a glance. Review production and process data in real time via integrated performance dashboards. Visualize your key performance indicators, on the device of your choice, via desktop or mobile.

Visualize your data


One software, many possibilities

Our solution can be flexibly adapted to the individual needs of your business – and it's also modularly scalable after implementation. That's why customers from many different industries choose us:


We think
long term

We think
long term

Full commitment to one software is what drives us. We deliberately concentrate on one system – and offer continuous further development and support.


We offer
expert advice

We offer
expert advice

You have a unique set of requirements? Let’s collaborate and determine how our platform can best be connected to your company's processes. Our team will support you throughout the entire implementation process to design an optimal solution for your individual use case leveraging our technology.


We connect decision makers

We connect decision makers

All data on one platform – that’s the main advantage for the decision makers in your company. They can access production and process data in real time: at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Why inmation? 6 important reasons in a nutshell

We combine the following features in our single and only product:

One system

Manage the distributed system entirely from a central location – configuration, monitoring, license management included.



All major OT and IT interfaces supported: OPC UA, Classic OPC (DA/HDA/A&E), MODBUS, PLC, ODBC, http, MQTT, Kafka and more.



Whether client interfaces, storage, or the IT integration in your company: all parameters are horizontally scalable to any extend.



Full deployment flexibility: micro-deployment (single host), global rollout or cascaded systems are possible.


Secure Access

Secure and efficient thanks to network tunneling at any depth.


Technical Analysis

Built-in-diagnostics: numerous indicators provide you with information about performance, condition and availability values.



Free consultation: Talk with us about the perfect licensing model for your business

Our license fees are based on the server side number of logical CPUs. We offer both: annual subscription or perpetual licensing. Our team can help assess the options for your individual use case. Arrange a consultation now.