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Information Management System: Leverage your data to reach business goals

Utilizing data is one of the most important sources of success for businesses in the 21st century– so be sure to use it to your advantage! Invest in sustainable information management for your production operations at an early stage. In this blog post, we explain the opportunities and potential that awaits. Read more.

Software is indispensable

Ranging from the individual machine to the entire production process: All components of a modern manufacturing facility provide valuable information every second, which your company should process and use. Planning, designing, monitoring, and controlling – a well-functioning information management system must deliver these benefits. The right software design behind the scenes is crucial for this. It collects, contextualizes, and normalizes data in one place for analysis and visualization in the form of dashboards, digital interfaces with which your users can evaluate the data.


Benefits of information management

Information management offers a wide range of opportunities for your company. These are the three main areas of application:

Supporting decision making

through consistent information availability. Anybody who makes decisions needs the necessary information to do so. Information management provides just that! Your teams use the appropriate software to define what data they need at what time. Employees are continuously provided with the right content, regardless of where they are or what device they are using to access the dashboards. This ensures that the flow of information with your decision makers is never interrupted.

Supporting improvement strategies

through analysis and long-term collection. Corporate improvement goals are typically directly linked to production process performance. Using information management allows for checking whether the production output is in line with your business goals for example in terms of waste reduction, energy cost reduction, increased throughput, or increased quality. Moreover, it enables deriving new plans for the evolution of your business – through collecting and analyzing data over long time periods.

Supporting quality management

How fast does necessary information pass through the various corporate levels? What is the base for decisions in day-to-day operations? Questions like these can be answered with the help of information management. With the right software, you can monitor the quality of your operational processes on a long-term basis and get the required insight to initiate changes for improvement.


The path to information management

Implementing a sustainable information management in your company needs a software solution that allows for maximum flexibility. Just like your production flow consists of your specific processes, your information management should also adapt to your specific data processing needs. We at inmation can consult you on implementing this! Together with our experts the necessary steps to get information management established at your company can be determined and planned. Schedule a personal meeting now!


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