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Industrial Internet of Things - interconnected assets, the next level of automation

Digital connectivity is no longer limited to traditional network devices. Within the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT for short), a wide variety of technical components, such as sensors, instruments, other devices, or things can now be interconnected with management or analysis applications across geographies and corporate network levels up to the cloud.

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Definition: How does IIOT work?

Anything that exposes data now can take part in the automation pyramid and is able to deliver their data to a platform used for data collection, contextualization, storage, analysis, and exchange. This adds an additional level of information detail enabling big data and selective analysis at the same time.

It may sound futuristic, but we’re already there: wear parts can announce their imminent replacement automatically, moveable equipment transmits geolocation and data live to augmented reality environments. Only a few of the many IIoT use cases that demonstrate the benefits of a comprehensive IIoT platform.

Unlock benefits for your business with modern IIoT-ready software supporting your scale, whether you are starting, continuing, or going big with your IIoT initiative.


inmation brings IIoT connectivity into your enterprise!


Implement Industrial IoT in your business - with IIoT-ready software!

You understand your production processes inside-out and are now looking for the right approach to let your assets interact with each other? A IIoT-ready software will help you achieve this.

The key software features required are:

  • support for a multitude of interfaces for data ingress and egress allowing to connect to industry leading data sources and consumers.

  • consistent data collection, secure data transport, and extensive storage capability. Never worry about data quality, secure data access, and storage limitations anymore.

  • data contextualization to transform raw, unstructured data into a human readable form, or any other format that data consumers demand.

  • visualization of all available data depending on respective user roles. For example, a high-resolution process data trend for the automation engineer, and a high level KPI dashboard for management.

  • unlimited scaling out on all platform aspects, including data, interfaces, users, storage, using a horizontal scalability approach.

Reveal hidden benefits through IIoT

Benefits of implementing an IIoT platform in your company are numerous. With more data available than ever, raw and in context, at the platform level and for 3rd party consumers, a new level of detailed visualization and analysis can be achieved. Discover new relationships and dependencies of your interconnected processes, that will empower you to:

  • increase operational visibility on all company levels

  • recognize if bottlenecks in production are imminent

  • reduce waste and energy consumption of your production

  • predict asset maintenance even before signs of wear

  • improve operational and process efficiency

  • increase throughput and quality


system:inmation - the right platform for your IIoT journey!

IIoT offers many opportunities, but also comes with plenty of challenges too. Connecting all your geographically dispersed production assets, instruments, and sensors to a single software platform needs the right product and partner at your side. We at inmation have the software and the experience to bring your IIoT vision to life.

Contact our experts now and let us show you where to start, how to scale up, and how our product can be turned into individual solutions that help improve your day-to-day operations!



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