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One data platform to empower digitalized management in the energy sector.

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Connectivity needed: digitalized energy assets

The energy sector is undergoing a transformation, expanding into renewables, and facing massive decentralization. The key to optimally managing this transformation is energy providers’ ability to monitor their distributed assets in real-time. This is where a best of breed enabler for digitalization comes into the picture – to build an enterprise data hub, like enterprise:inmation.

The goal is to free up systems from operating in isolation, do away with data silos, and facilitating a shift to central evaluation including predictive maintenance. 

Customers working successfully with our software:

Our solution can be flexibly adapted to the individual needs of your business – and it's also modularly scalable after implementation. That's why customers from many different industries choose us:

Leading German Provider of Power Supply Infrastructure

Recognizing the huge potential that digital transformation could bring their distributed power supply infrastructure, the provider decided to work with enterprise:inmation. Previously, all remote maintenance was on-site, which demanded a lot of personnel and time. enterprise:inmation securely connected the landscape of distributed large assets and enabled centralized monitoring.

As a result the provider benefits from a quick evaluation and comparison of assets. With real-time data availability, predictive maintenance becomes possible, ensuring fast reaction times. The next steps will be: connection of further assets and the expansion of analysis capabilities with the integration of new data sources.

Renewed energy with inmation

  • Real-time central evaluation and comparison of assets
  • Highly-secured data network
  • Accelerated reaction to asset malfunctions
  • Replacement of scheduled maintenance with predictive maintenance


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