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The eyes and ears of discrete manufacturing: digitalized production

In discrete manufacturing every equipment, asset, and machine can produce a huge amount of data. The ability to acquire the full data set of each production step and the capability to provide this high-volume process data for analytics drives digital operational excellence initiatives. 

A capable solution requires a historian of the highest performance and throughput. enterprise:inmation supplies full data integration by using OPC UA across all equipment components and creates next generation manufacturing lines.

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Our solution can be flexibly adapted to the individual needs of your business – and it's also modularly scalable after implementation. That's why customers from many different industries choose us:

In the spotlight: how we help customers in Discrete Manufacturing

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Recognizing the huge potential digital transformation could bring their industry, SIG decided to work with enterprise:inmation for full data integration and to create next generation food packaging lines. SIG also fully standardized, using OPC UA for every equipment component in their manufacturing lines. This results in holistic packaging that supplies real-time data historization and comprehensive analytics via dashboard technology.

  • About SIG

    SIG provides systems and solutions for aseptic carton packaging. In a single year, they produce more than 35 billion carton packs. To successfully and consistently meet the ever-changing needs of their customers in over 60 countries, they rely on unique, tailored technology and a capacity to implement outstanding innovation. Customers benefit from SIG’s end-to-end solutions for differentiated products, smarter factories, and connected packs.

  • An overhaul with inmation

    • A whole new in-house solution developed around enterprise:inmation.
    • A holistic packing line in real time. Data historization now includes hundreds of thousands of items daily, plus analytics and reporting use cases.
    • Excellent overview and control with backend and frontend dashboard technology.
    • Enabling full compliance with international standards such as ISO 22400 KPI.
  • SIG: a partner and driving force in digital change

    Since 2016, SIG Combibloc has been a founding member of our Product Advisory Board. A partnership in every sense of the word. inmation and SIG collaborate closely to support SIG Combibloc's evolving requirements.


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