Pressemitteilung: inmation Software schließt Partnerschaft mit Automatisierungsspezialist Delta Logic

on Tuesday, 12 December 2017. Posted in General

Köln, 12. Dezember 2017
Die Kölner inmation Software GmbH, Technologieführer im Bereich des globalen Echtzeit-Informationsmanagements in der Großindustrie, und die Delta Logic Automatisierungstechnik GmbH, führender Technologieanbieter in der PC-SPS-Kommunikation im Siemensumfeld mit Sitz in Schwäbisch Gmünd, haben einen Kooperationsvertrag unterschrieben. Im Zuge der Zusammenarbeit wird Delta Logics Kommunikationsbibliothek ACCON-AGLink in die enterprise:inmation-Software integriert und ab Januar 2018 allen inmation Kunden als kostenloses Upgrade zur Verfügung stehen.

Press Release: Boehringer Ingelheim signs global license agreement with inmation Software

on Thursday, 30 November 2017. Posted in General

Ingelheim/Cologne, 30 November 2017.
Boehringer Ingelheim, one of the world‘s leading research-driven pharmaceutical companies, has signed a global license agreement to use the “enterprise:inmation” industrial information management system from inmation Software GmbH, a technology leader in real-time information management solutions for large scale industries. The license agreement will enable Boehringer Ingelheim to create uniform real-time data infrastructure at all of its production facilities around the globe. Prior to conclusion of the contract Boehringer Ingelheim has tested the software in an in-depth evaluation for several months. In addition, as one of the first users from the pharmaceutical industry, Boehringer Ingelheim will join the advisory board of inmation Software to help further develop the management system to continue to meet the advanced needs of the industry.

BASF uses enterprise:inmation globally as central data broker

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The ARC Advisory Group has published a report about BASF’s integration of enterprise:inmation as the central data broker for their worldwide operations management.

New North America Distributor: Critical Vector

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Published at Critical Vector by Jared Goretzky

inmation Software GmbH distribution agreement.

Critical Vector LLC is pleased to announce it has signed a North American distribution and services agreement with inmation Software GmbH. This agreement enables Critical Vector to distribute the industry leading software system:inmation and enterprise:inmation in the Americas. The agreement permits Critical Vector to provide system:inmation and enterprise:inmation consultation and support services to clients in the region. The agreement is key in strengthening inmation’s current presence and future growth in the Americas.

Successful First inmation User Group Meeting

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system:inmation featured by ARC Advisory Group

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Published at ARC Advisory Group by Constanze Schmitz and Valentijn de Leeuw

inmation and Transpara Demonstrate Cloud-based NoSQL database for Operational Intelligence

When the Internet started it had 11 nodes, today this number is estimated to exceed 15 billion. Consumers access the internet through mobile phones, PCs, tablets and their TV. Industrial companies connect increasing numbers of equipment ranging from computers and machines to field devices and sensors. As a result the collected data has grown exponentially over the last years and is expected to grow further to support developments such as increased use of sensors sparked by Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industrie 4.0. Until the end of the 1990s data flows were predominately outbound, while these days data flows in increased quantities in both directions. While storage and computing power have become relatively cheap, bandwidth can be a limiting factor.